The last Lunch

Click on the words in bold to guess the correct answers:

There was an Irishman, a Mexican, and a blond guy, who were construction workers toiling on top of a building. It was lunchtime 😋🍽️and the Irishman agaped   his lunch pail  , to discern  he had cabbage and beef in his lunch. "If I get one more beef and cabbage for lunch I'm gonna jump off of this building🏙️," he says.

Then the Mexican opens his lunch pail and finds a burrito🌯🌮. "If I get one more burrito for lunch I'm gonna jump off this building🏙️," he says. The blond man opens his lunch pail and comprehended  that inside the lunch pail was a bologna sandwich. "If I get one more bologna sandwich I'm gonna jump off of this building🏙️." The next day the Irishman opened his lunch pail and found cabbage and beef, so he jumped off the building to his death😵. Next, the Mexican opened his lunch pail, and upon finding a burrito he jumped off as well. Finally, the blond guy opened his lunch pail and found a bologna sandwich. He too jumped off the building🏙️.

Sometimes we are so troubled by our intricate   lives we forget to speak them up or to do something about them!

The next day at their funeral the Irishman's wife 👰said, "If only I knew that he didn't like cabbage and beef, I would surely have packed him something else." The Mexican's wife👰 said, "If only I knew he didn't like burritos, I would have packed something else." Finally, the 🤵blonde man's wife 👰spoke. "I don't know what his problem was. He packed his own lunch." 😂😂😂

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