Latest GD & WAT Topics with Answers: A MUST read for MBA Aspirants & Students

Latest GD & WAT Topics with Answers


An exhuastive list of GD/ WAT topics given in B-Schools. Click on the links for some good points and data on the topic.

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Topics with Solutions B-School/s
End of Globalization or "Is the world ‘deglobalizing’? IIM Bangalore, MDI Gurgaon, IIM Lucknow
Retirement Homes: Do advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages? TAPMI
Social Media: Impact on human behavior and society IIM Ranchi, IIM Ahmedabad
Impact of technology on Jobs MDI Gurgaon
Bitcoin and The Virtual Currency IMI Delhi
Mars Mission for India Justified? MDI Gurgaon
Decline in open spaces and playgrounds can lead to negative tendencies in children IIM Ahmedabad
Knowledge is the biggest asset you can accumulate IIM Lucknow
Is India ready to go cashless? IIFT
Does Travelling help in generating ideas and experiential learning? IIM CAP
All decisions in a democracy should be taken through referendums IIM Lucknow
Changing role of women actors in Bollywood IIMs
The issues in the Indian Education sector MDI Gurgaon
Sustainable Development in India DMS, IIT Delhi
Space research projects are a waste of money IIM Lucknow
Are conventional retail stores competing with E-commerce market and what can be the possible future? IIMs
Demonetisation: Is India ready for this? DMS, IIT Delhi; IMT Ghaziabad
Sports and its benefits DMS, IIT Delhi
Development alternatives for the rural economy IIFM Bhopal
Google knows more about you than your mother does. IIFT Delhi
Digital India IIM Kozhikode 
Does smart Cities catalyze rural to urban migration? IMT Ghaziabad
Issues that rural Indian women face Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Will reliance Jio go Tata Nano's way? Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
How does gender impact social intelligence and career? Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Social Drinking is Okay IIM Ahmedabad
Is disinvestment in profitable PSU's advisable? IIM Ahmedabad
National Anthem in Cinema Halls IIM Lucknow
IIM Bill beneficial for the students- give views IIM Lucknow
Affordable healthcare in India NMIMS Mumbai
Print media has lost it’s significance in the digital world/age XLRI
Air pollution a national problem IIM Calcutta
Indian education system needs to be revised IIM Calcutta
Are elections in India trully democaratic? IIM Calcutta
Are coaching classes destroying educational system? IIM Calcutta
Future of solar energy in India IIM Calcutta
Online education vs Traditional form of education IIM Calcutta
Are women better global leaders than men? IIM Calcutta
Individual vs. Group Appraisal system in any company. IIM Kozhikode 
Is today's youth becoming more self-centered? IIFT Delhi
Do you agree that couples should not work in the same organisation. XLRI
Globalisation is endangering the culture XLRI
Reservation based on economic background XLRI
Should begging be legal? XLRI
Does browsing affect productivity at workplace? XLRI
Do you think MPs and MLAs should have graduation as the bare minimum of education? XLRI
Are trade unions Irrelevant? XLRI
Is GST good for Indian businesses? XLRI
Leaders are always poor team players XLRI
Abortion should not be prohibited by law, and it should be at the discretion of the mother XLRI
Women reservation is beneficial for the country. MDI Gurgaon
Commercialization of healthcare: good or bad? MDI Gurgaon
In a resource starved country like India, spending on space missions is a wastage of resources. MDI Gurgaon
Can ethics and success go hand-in-hand? SJMSoM, IIT Bombay
Fake News on Social Media Others
Should freedom include freedom to make mistakes? Others
How is the excessive use of smartphones affecting individuals and societies in urban areas? Others
Endorsements by Celebrities: Is it justified? Others
E-commerce vs Brick & Mortar stores Others
Global Warming: A Hoax? Others
New entrepreneurs and failing startups Others
Technology and Income disparity Others
Are regional parties bad for India? Others
Innovation is the best insurance against irrelevance Others
Marketing and Packaging of a product are most important to make it sellable Others
Do eminent sports persons become a good coach as well? Others
If you have a hammer as your only tool, you tend to assume every problem as a nail Others
Remixing Music  Others
Big Data and Consumer Privacy Others
IIM/IIT pay packages dilute the importance of academics of these institutions Others
"T" shaped intelligence is now being preferred by businesses over "I" shaped intelligence Others
Crimes against women like rape/molestation are on a rise: Reasons & Solutions Others
Does browsing at workplace affect productivity? Others
Impact of GST on Indian economy Others
Start-ups: Another bubble burst! Others
Should national anthem be made compulsory in cinema halls? Others
Free basics and Airtel zero: Net Neutrality is not the need of hour Others
Case of Brexit from European economy Others
Bullet trains or better trains- what does India need? Others
Is compulsory attendance really needed in colleges? Others
Should state funding for elections be done or not? Others
Bharat vs India: One nation, Two names Others
Ban liquor sale on highways to lessen accidents Others
Should uniform civil code be implemented? Others
Bail out of PSUs is desirable Others
Digitisation vs Privacy Others
Seniority NOT merit should be the criteria for promotion Others
Indian patent law: Outdated Others
National Security vs Privacy: Collection of Biometrics Others
Make in India vs Made in India Others
Is FDI in retail sector good for India? Others
Advertising is the waste of resources? Others
Family owned business vs professionally run businesses Others
Start-up vs campus placements Others
Are leaders born or made in B-Schools? Others
Men and women are born unequal for a reason. Inequality isn't such a bad thing. Others
Should we bring Fuel Prices under GST Others
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Others


Latest GD & WAT Topics with Answers

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Topics B-School/s
Climate Change/Pollution IIM Bangalore, IIM Trichy, TISS Mumbai
Death penalties for perpetrators of crime against women. Is it Justified? IIM Indore
Cultural diversity impedes democratic governance IIM Lucknow
India’s diplomatic ties with China IMI Delhi
Can technology help in preventing Money Laundering? Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon
Cashless economy IMT Ghaziabad
Telecom companies take longer to earn profit if they provide free calls IMT Ghaziabad
Smart cities, online advertising - Indian perspective Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Improving condition of developing countries Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Climate change and effect of Trump’s policy Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
In the 21-century, illiterates are those who cannot unlearn, learn, relearn IIFT Delhi
Should Petroleum Subsidy be slashed? IIM Ahmedabad
Should IIMs make one year of social service compulsory for all students? IIM Lucknow
Longevity due to medical advancements has adverse effects on the demography IIM Kozhikode 
Ancient war strategies from ancient epics are relevant in modern business IIM Kozhikode 
Case discussion - provide written solution and then GD - Nepotism IIM Shillong
Case study - level of Theobromine content in granola chocolate (similar to maggi crisis) IIM Ahmedabad
Case study - About a company planning to venture into a different sector IIM Shillong
Case study - Sales of a coffee company are declining and all. What should the company do? IIM Ahmedabad FABM
Indian E-commerce IIM Calcutta
GST implementation in India NITIE Mumbai
Discussion on a case based on televised media and its effects on the common public. NMIMS Mumbai
Caselet - An FMCG MNC has a strong foothold in the urban Indian market after entering the it three years prior. It wants to penetrate the rural markets as their research has shown that the demand for consumer goods is increasing at twice the rate there as compared to that in the urban areas. Devise a marketing plan for the company to set base in the rural market. IIFT Delhi
Case Discussion - Singapore govt has implemented a new educational system which tests aptitude of students instead of exams. Data of OECD shows that this change has made Singapore children of 15 years brighter than rest of the world. Also Singapore economy is service based. Their public sector has also scrapped its traditional system of selecting employees based on the qualifications. What are your views on this system? Each candidate had to introduce the topic for one minutes at the start, post which the floor was open for the discussion. IIFT Delhi
Case having data and details about the four famous captions of the Indian Cricket Team- Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, M.S Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Participants had to indulge in a discussion and decide on who the best Indian cricket team captain was. IIFT Delhi
Case scenario in which a certain detergent brand named Rose & Rose, was doing well in urban areas but was interested in capturing the rural market since it was growing at a much faster rate than the urban market. Participants had to discuss the strategies and steps that the brand could take. IIFT Delhi
“Can the world economy rely on India for growth? IIFT Delhi
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It is derived from an indomitable will. IIM Kozhikode 
Life is all about taking chances. IIM Kozhikode 
Need for reform in Indian government and what can be possible directions. XLRI
Lokpal Bill- Civil society vs the Politicians XLRI
Is IT creating the urban /rural divide? XLRI
5 years of service in rural India should be made compulsory post-MBA  XLRI
Social entrepreneurship is an oxymoron XLRI
Women are most vulnerable yet very important for progress XLRI
Is world ready for third world war? XLRI
No matter what economic reasons are given, the sole aim is to gain power XLRI
Justice is never given, it has to be extracted everytime. XLRI
Should higher earning employees not get legal protection? XLRI
Wars are an extension of conflicts within. XLRI
India requires Dictatorship XLRI
Customs and traditions should prevail over law. XLRI
Women are better managers XLRI
Consumerism as an indicator of economic prosperity. XLRI
Human Rights are violated not by terrorism but by Economic Distribution XLRI
If a person feels that a law is unjust, it is okay to not act according to that law. XLRI
The only way to remove inequality is by making the poor rich,and the rich poor. XLRI
Innovation is the best insurance against irrelevance. XLRI
Job security is irrelevant in today's world XLRI
Surveillance in companies is a necessary evil. XLRI
Wrong Medication should always be a cognizable offence XLRI
Reservation should be made mandatory in the private sector XLRI
Globalization is good for economy but it destroys cultures. XLRI
The true guardian of democracy should be autocratic in nature XLRI
Should the Government solely be blamed for unemployment in India? XLRI
Online existence is achieved at the cost of real life achievements. XLRI
Case Study- What is harming Indian sports more and exaggerating Cricket? 1. Government 2. Media 3. BCCI.  SCMHRD
Drug abuse problem and solutions SCMHRD
Discussion - Case study based on a new B school. How would you go about branding the same and attracting applicants? SCMHRD
Case analysis and discussion on new entrepreneurs and reason for failures SCMHRD
Participants were asked to choose the leader of a trade union out of the three prospective candidates whose personality traits were given. SCMHRD
Praticipants were asked to select the president of a company from a list of three people whose personality traits, experience and brief introduction were given. SCMHRD
A group of friends wanted to do a business and all of them were working. They were in a dilemma whether to start it or not. Participants were asked to discuss the pros and cons of starting a business and leaving jobs. SCMHRD
Participants were asked to discuss the organization of a marketing conclave of a college within a given budget. Prioritize the activities giving reasons on the basis of challenges one would face while organizing the event. SCMHRD
A manager from a cookie company is finding it difficult to deal with the employees. Facts of case were given and as a consultant participants were asked to come out with solutions to deal with the problem. SCMHRD
A discussion on a video on Global warming, which was shown to the participants. SCMHRD
Participants were to choose a brand ambassador for 'Save Girl Campaign'- Kiran Bedi, Barkha Dutt, Sanya Mirza and Shabana Azmi SCMHRD
Which is most important - Diligence, Kindness or Humility. SCMHRD
Are call center employees cyber coolies? SCMHRD
As an HR whom will you choose between A & B? A- 5 years of work experience, well deserving, hard working. B- 1 year work experience, HIV positive, quick learner, new ideas and thoughts. SCMHRD
Case study on Independence and Accountability. IMT Ghaziabad
Is advertising good for the society? IMT Ghaziabad
International Adoption: Should it be banned? IMT Ghaziabad
Are engineers better managers? IMT Ghaziabad
Is democracy the best option for India? IMT Ghaziabad
Blocking of content on website IMT Ghaziabad
A 4 year old employee is not performing well for 4 years because of personal problems. Earlier colleagues were helping him they are also not supporting him. If you join in as a manager, what would you do? IMT Ghaziabad
A female employee takes i-Pod to her work and keeps on listening to music at the cost of interaction with her colleagues. She is introvert. What would you do? IMT Ghaziabad
A senior employee comes late to work and leaves back early from the office. His juniors are also following the same trend. What will you do in such situation? IMT Ghaziabad
You are manager of a department where an employee's performance has been below par for 2 years due to problems at home. How will you deal with it now? IMT Ghaziabad
AICTE has proposed a distance education for engineering courses. Practical teaching would be hindered but it would be helpful for students having less resources. Discuss. IMT Ghaziabad
Developing countries need more trade than aid IMT Ghaziabad
Management skills taught in class can never match those gained by experience. IMT Ghaziabad
Being Successful is being satisfied. MDI Gurgaon
Is the virtue of being honest, a handicap in today's world? MDI Gurgaon
Unethical practices lead to success in business MDI Gurgaon
Should RBI only think about putting cap on inflation? MDI Gurgaon
Right to Food Bill. MDI Gurgaon
Interest rate hikes on savings accounts will decrease the profitability of banks. MDI Gurgaon
Should India focus on Renewable energy more than thermal and nuclear energy? MDI Gurgaon
Role of indigenous leaders in UP elections MDI Gurgaon
Is corruption due to failure of the system? MDI Gurgaon
CSR is more for the company than for the community MDI Gurgaon
Social media is a waste of time for students MDI Gurgaon
Is MBA required as a qualification? MDI Gurgaon
Can generation X provide leadership to the country? MDI Gurgaon
Can India sustain its growth over long run? MDI Gurgaon
B-schools neither do schooling nor business MDI Gurgaon
Positive attitude is more important than knowledge for business success. MDI Gurgaon

Case study - where a university is facing problems as the students are downloading videos and doing illegal downloads from restricted websites, in the turn making the connectivity very slow and the college is receiving complaints also. prepare a policy for that.

SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Role of ethics in business SJMSoM, IIT Bombay 
Street hawkers should be prohibited, regulated or relocated? KJ Somaiya
Farmers’ income can be doubled by the year 2022. What are the challenges faced by the farmers and how can these be tackled? KJ Somaiya
What advice would you give to a friend who wishes to whistle-blow but has been threatened by his manager. KJ Somaiya
What do you think about ‘ageing gracefully’? How can we change the trend of people going for cosmetic surgeries? KJ Somaiya

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