Social Drinking is Okay

 A social drinker is a person who drinks alcoholic beverages usually in the company of others and is in control of his or her drinking. Thus social drinking is also called "responsible drinking", referring to casual drinking in a social setting without an intent to get drunk.

The topic requires you to analyze implications, if any, of social drinking, and reflect on it acceptability. Here are some pointers that might help you in framing a logical argument:

  • It is easier to push limits of responsible drinking in a large crowd where everyone is binging. Hence, it is advisable to avoid situations like this, because drinking under the wrong circumstances, with the wrong crowd, and with impaired judgment can result in dire consequences. 
  • Experts say that daily drinking can start off as a social event but turn into dependency and lead to addiction.
  • Dr. John Marsden, an alcohol and drug dependency expert from King's College London, says a typical functioning alcoholic can manage to hold down a job despite having a "very severe drinking problem that they have been incubating over a very long period".

  • A study in the UK found that 83% respondents believed that those who drank above the safe limits could still be considered social drinkers. The results are worrying because it means most people are unaware of risks of drinking in excess of recommended limits.
  • People who drink above safe limits are at increased risk of:
    • Certain cancers
    • Cardiovascular accidents
    • High blood pressure
    • Progression to alcohol abuse and addiction
  • In certain cultures, social drinking is acceptable as a way to celebrate special occasions. It is in fact considered a social lubricant. Drinking in moderation is considered a harmless activity. Some studies even suggest that drinking in moderation may bring certain health benefits.

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