Do eminent sports persons become a good coach as well?

The question asks you to present your opinion on whether or not players make good coach. A good answer should include qualities of a good coach, and a statistical and researched perspective on the issue. Here are some pointers for you to consider while constructing your answer:

● Some qualities of a great coach. Good coaches,

○ Get their athletes to believe in themselves

○ Do not use embarrassment & humiliation as “teaching tools”

○ Are great life teachers

○ Keep the game in perspective

○ Do not let their egos and self-worth get tied up in the outcome

○ Understand individual differences in their athletes

○ Are great communicators

○ Take the time to listen to and educate their athletes’ parents

○ Keep the learning environment emotionally safe

○ Continually challenge their athletes to do better and push their limits

○ Are passionate about what they do

○ Are empathic and tuned into the feelings of their players

○ Are honest and conduct themselves with integrity

○ Make the sports fun for their athletes

○ Are not defensive in their interactions with their players or parents

○ Use their athletes’ mistakes and failures as valuable teaching opportunities

●    Canadian gold-medal hockey player Therese Brisson said, "Recently retired hockey players who played at high levels rarely make the ideal coaches for youth hockey. They know what to do, but they can't communicate how they do it!"

●    According to research, when performance flows largely outside of conscious awareness, your memories of what you've done are just not that good. This makes it hard for players to teach what they know to someone else.

●    Golfer Ralph Guldahl, one of the best players of his time, won the US Open in both 1937 and 1938 and then the Masters in 1939. Then he wrote, "Groove Your Golf" - a how to guide for the beginning player. Guldahl never won another championship again.


Name of Player



Jimmy Connors


8 grand slam titles as a player; 0 as a coach

Martin Johnson


1 World Cup, 2 Grand Slams, 2 Heineken Cups as a player; 1 Six Nations as a coach

Wayne Gretzky

Ice Hockey

Leading point scorer in NHL history, 4 Stanley Cups as a player; Never made NHL play-offs as a coach

Larry Bird


3 NBA titles as a player; 0 titles as a coach

Ray Reardon


6 world championships as a player; 1 as a coach

Tom Flores


1 Super Bowl as a player; 2 as a coach

Kenny Dalglish


3 European Cups, 6 league titles as a player; 4 league titles as a manager

Ivan Lendl


8 grand slam titles as a player; 2 as a coach

Franz Beckenbauer


3 European Cups, 1 World Cup, 1 European Championship as a player, 1 World Cup as a coach

Mario Zagallo


2 World Cups as a player, 1 as a coach

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